• Neighborhood Watch Initiative

    Neighborhood Watch Initiative

    When most people consider leadership initiatives to help deprived communities whose youth have lost their way, they often consider charitable organizations and political changes in order to get the job done. While those things are certainly effective, none are as successful as instituting a neighborhood watch . There are several key reasons that doing so(…)

  • Youth Binge Drinking Levels On the Decline

    Youth Binge Drinking Levels On the Decline

    For decades, parents and political leaders have argued that many communities throughout the United Kingdom are harmed by the country’s younger generations and their tendency to binge drink whenever they get a chance. For generations, statistics actually aligned with that claim: A staggering number of British youths admitted to binge drinking on weekends and even(…)

  • Youth Violence in the UK

    Youth Violence in the UK

    For any adult member of British society, it’s hardly a secret that youth crime has been on the rise. In fact, youth offences currently account for about 15 percent of all reported crimes throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. That’s a significant number, and one that should cause alarm. Even so, most people seem(…)

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